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About Us

Hi, I am Cila Lopes, Personal Stylist in London. Initially trained in PR and it was this passion about communication that led me to qualify  as a Image Consultant, to help people to communicate through their image and behaviour. This opened a completely different world to me and I could experience how gratifying it was to completely support all my clients on their discovery journey on how their image could help them achieve their objectives and give them the confidence to be themselves,  achieving success through their ever growing confidence. Is not a futile expenditure, because it is only by really knowing themselves and how to project that to others that they could really take the best of who they are and what they want the world to know about them and project that in their benefit. It is a self-discovery journey and investment on oneself.


Who can benefit from my services:

Terry A
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I have had some shopping sessions with Cila for the past 5 years and I strongly recommend her services and advice as she always shown high knowledge and professionalism.
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I met Cila when I attended one of her training sessions about the importance of our image at work and was so pleased with all the usefull insight into this subject. It motivated me to work further with her and develop my own style. She made it so easy for me to understand how to work my style around what I wanted to achieve that I recommended her to several other colleagues and friends.