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I am so very excited to announce the website is live. This has been a dream of mine since I arrived to the UK, I wanted to work with businesses and professionals through my own start – up and share all my knowledge and experience the same way I was doing in Portugal and unfortunately, had to close due to 2012 economical crises. As a start up I know how challenging it can be to all entrepreneurs to get out there and do what they do best. And I can help through style. On creating a good first impression only 7% are words, what you say; 38% is how you say it, voice tone, modulation, pauses; and believe it or not 55% is your appearance, how you move and dress. To get this right from the beginning will create the confidence that will show in your movements and voice and what you have to communicate is well received from the start. Companies have their own values and their employees are a mean to get those values out in every single interaction with customers, business partners, suppliers and more. Again, is important to get it right and to think that you can emphasize what you want to communicate through your clothes is mind blowing but true. Hope that through my blog posts, services and online training I can help make more sense of this and help you get all the extra confidence you will need to achieve all your objectives. Follow us and start that experience!