Our Story

In 2008 I created my own image consultant business in Portugal. Worked with individuals to achieve their image objectives but also with businesses like Sonae Portugal, Amoreiras Shopping Center and Alegro Shopping Center, that wanted to develop their sales teams, management and reward employees and customers. Businesses can benefit from investing on their employees: by giving them the confidence to portrait the company values without losing their own personality when acting as ambassadors, but also by investing in their own personal well-being.

Worked as well as a lecturer for a Post Graduation and other Image Consultancy courses. Travelled all around the country providing lectures and workshops for different groups and companies, giving me the skill of public speaking and teaching.

This was invaluable to my career, because it helped me understand how to overcome the difficulty that is public speaking, how to give the information to customers in a way that was easily understood and assimilated, as well as how to behave and dress for maximum effect

Moved to the UK end of 2012 and started to work as a personal stylist for big department stores, which provided me with the knowledge and experience to work with the British public, but keeping some of my European approach to style.

Want to take all this experience to the world of SMEs and individual professionals that understand that information is power and the ability to use that power to achieve goals and  confidence in success is of the upmost importance.

Why Work With Me

Targeting businesses and professionals that want to develop their image and achieve their market, professional goals.

My ultimate objective is to give the customer the tools to work their image independently.

Work to integrate your personality and your image objectives in to your clothes and not to just dress your body shape and style

Experience of more of 12 years in image consultancy, personal styling and training

About Me

Initially trained in PR and it was this passion about communication that led me to qualify  as a Image Consultant, to help people to communicate through their image and behaviour.

A completely different world opened to me and I could experience how gratifying it was to support all my clients on their discovery journey, find how their image could help them achieve their objectives and give them the confidence to be themselves.

Achieving success through their ever growing confidence is not a futile expenditure, because it is only by really knowing themselves and how to project that to others, that they could really take the best of who they are and what they want the world to know about them and project that in their benefit. It is a self-discovery journey and investment on oneself.