Personal Styling services

Image Coaching

To start your journey we will through a coaching session to define your image objectives, predominant style and desired style and how to use it to develop your own personal style that will allow you to communicate who you are through your image and style. The Image coaching service is only available for the Full Image Consultancy service and this can be dome personally over a coffee on a place to determine by the stylist or in a location decide by the client.
Personal Styling services

Body Shape and colour analysis

Colour has a immense power to change moods and create a better impression of yourself. To get to know the colours that flatter you with the colour test, you will know which colours to wear, accessories and make-up. Also, through the psychology of colour and colour combinations how to make best use of it accordingly to your communication objectives.

With the body shape analysis, you will know how to select the best pieces to your body shape and desired style.

Body Shape and Colour Analysis - £ 190
Includes: Colour swatch and digital report
Personal Styling services

Wardrobe Edit

This is the stage where all the knowledge collected in the previous stages with coaching, colour analysis and body shape will be applied. We will go through your wardrobe and select the items that fulfil the requirements and identify the gaps that may exist to achieve a capsule wardrobe. With all the pieces selected outfits will be created for every single need and photo record taken for your own use after the Wardrobe Edit.

Includes: zoom consultation, select pieces that are suitable for costumer and discard the ones that are not, outfit building and identification of missing items for best optimization of wardrobe, digital wardrobe edit report
Personal Styling services

Personal Shopping

With the shopping list created we will be guiding you through a shopping session helping you identify the best brands and shapes that you can select to build your own style and capsule wardrobe. Previous to this the stylist will pre-select the items and stores so on the day of the shopping all will be ready for you to try and have the best experience when shopping.
£ 350
Includes: Zoom consultation, Pre-shopping preparation, meeting the costumer on agreed shopping location, 2 or 3hrs of shopping depending on the pricing selected
Personal Styling services

Online Shopping

For busy professionals that prefer to do a online shopping, then the stylist will select a few options for every item that is on the shopping list created after the Wardrobe Edit so you can choose your favourites and try them at your own availability. The Online Shopping service can also be used for any specific situation that comes up and only need a few items to be suggested. The stylist will book a session through Zoom to explain the suggestions and have feedback of likes and dislikes before sending the final list of items.
Includes: Pre-zoom meeting, selection of online suggestions with links, zoom meeting to talk through the suggestions and outfit combinations, post shopping feedback
Personal Styling services

Full Image Consultancy service

This is a complete service for professionals that want to invest in themselves and decide that the complete service will be the best option. We advice this service for those you really want to work their image as a tool to achieve objectives and prefer to have a more in-depth analysis of their image. The sessions will be booked separately, so each phase will comprehended and validated before the next, this will create confidence in the process and at the end the client will be completely independent on their image management.
Includes: Image coaching in person instead of a zoom meeting / questionnaire; colour swatch; personalised style book including all the information collected through the different steps and recommendations for future consultattion.